Social Movement?

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Nimblicity is an educative organisation specialised in running social projects that are based on Parkour and Freerunning.

Nimblicity organises movement workshops for a broad and diverse public. These workshops consist mainly of Parkour and Freerunning, but involve elements of other disciplines as well.

Our Calling

“We believe that movement can strengthen people both physically and mentally and that it can (re)connect them with their social environment and with public space.”


Nimblicity’s workshops can be organised for everyone, regardless of physical capabilities or background.

If circumstances permit, the workshops take place in an outdoor setting, on your property or in the public space. Feel free to contact us with questions concerning specific groups or projects.

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Basics of Movement

1 x 3 hours

  • Basic Parkour & Freerunning principles
  • Mental and social development
  • Two consecutive groups possible
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Essential Movement

5 x 2 hours

  • Broad base of movement styles
  • Providing tools for further physical development
  • See the world as a playground

Move like Water

10 x 2 hours

  • Moving fluently
  • Overcoming physical, mental and social barriers
  • Paving the road to the world of Parkour & Freerunning
  • Incorporating movement in daily lives
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Move all Day

5 x 6 hours

  • Immersion in world of movement
  • Different techniques and styles
  • Overcoming physical and other limits
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Born to Move

35 x 2 hours

  • Parkour & Freerunning as a way of life
  • Related disciplines
  • Coping physically and mentally with day-to-day obstacles
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create your own Movement

  • Custom-made
  • Creating a workshop together
  • Adapted to your needs and expectations
  • Inside or outside



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